Peter Ross Dabbler


  • Hook: Down eye wet Kamazan B175 or similar #10 – #14
  • Silk: Black
  • Tail: Pheasant tail fibres
  • Rib: Fine oval silver tinsel or silver wire
  • Body:  Back – flat silver mylar, Front – bright red seals fur
  • Body hackle: Red game cock palmered sparsely
  • Wings: Bronze mallard

Tying Instructions

  1. Cover the hook shank with touching turns of thread.
  2. Catch in a small bunch of 6-8 pheasant tail fibres to make a tail.
  3. Tie in a length of silver oval tinsel or silver wire along the hook shank.
  4. Take the thread half way up the hook shank and tie in the flat silver mylar and then wind it down the hook shank and back up to make a nice, even, silver, back body section.
  5. Finely dub the seals fur onto the tying thread and wind it in, up the hook shank, towards the eye. Leave space to tie in the palmered hackle and wing.
  6. Tie in the red game cock hackle and palmer it down the hook shank with very open turns to give a sparse dressing.
  7. Wind the silver tinsel/wire through the paltered hackle and secure at the front of the body.
  8. Tie a generous slip of bronze mallard and work the fibres all the way around the hook. When the fibres have been evenly distributed tie in with locking turns of thread.
  9. Build up a head with the tying thread, whip finish and then varnish.

Background Notes
This fly was devised by Donald McClarn of County Down for Loch Style Fishing brown trout on large natural lakes but it does work well on reservoirs when fishing for rainbows on a big wave.