Muddler Minnow

Damsel Nymph


  • Hook: Long-shank #8-10
  • Thread: Brown Uni-thread #8
  • Tail: Slips of mottled turkey feather
  • Body: Fine gold mylar tinsel
  • Rib: Medium oval gold tinsel
  • Wing: Grey squirrel hair and mottled turkey feather
  • Head: Deer hair


  1. Run the thread down the hook with touching turns.
  2. Tie in two slips of mottled turkey feather for the tail.
  3. Tie in 3 ins of oval gold ties for the rib, in front of the tail.
  4. Take the thread up the hook, then tie in a generous amount of gold mylar tinsel for the body. Wind this down the shank to the tail and back up again, leaving lots of room for the head, then tie in
  5. Wind in the rib with open turns and then tie off.
  6. Make a wing with a small bunch of squirrel tail with two opposing slips of mottled turkey feather on top LEAVE LOTS OF ROOM FOR THE HEAD.
  7. Take a bunch of deer’s hair and tie this in with a couple of loose turns, then put on another turn of thread and pull tight. This will cause the deer hair to flare out. Push the deer’s hair back tightly and repeat the process putting on three more bunches.
  8. Trim the head to shape, whip finish and varnish.

Background information

Designed by Don Gapen to imitate a small fish. Being very buoyant the fly is fished in the surface and causes a disturbance, as it is retrieved, that attracts fish.