Diawl Bach

Diawl Bach


  • Thread: Black 8/0 uni or similar
  • Hook: Kamazan 175 or any completion heavyweight hook
  • Tail: Red game cock hackle feather fibres
  • Body: Peacock herl
  • Rib: Holographic tinsel
  • Beard: Red game cock hackle fibres


  1. Tie the thread in and run it down the hook in touching turns.
  2. Take a cock hackle and cut a “V” into the stem near to the point. Tie the feather in at the bend and pull the feather through the thread turns to form a neat tail.
  3. Tie in the the holographic tinsel and then a single strand of peacock herl. Wrap the herl around the tying thread a few times to give it some strength and then wind it up the hook shank in open turns, leaving space at the end for a head.
  4. Wind the holographic tinsel through the herl, in a counter direction, to form a rib and then tie off.
  5. Make a beard in the same way as the tail.
  6. Make a head with the tying thread and whip finish, followed by a dab of varnish.

Background information:

Diawl Bach means little devil in Welsh. This generic pattern fishes well on all reservoirs and a skinny version is invariably used as one of a team of three flies, either with or instead of the black buzzer.