Czech Nymph


  • Hook: Barbless Czech nymph style such as the Partridge CZ/SHR, Skalka G#12 or Fulling Mill 31165
  • Weight for body – strip or wire lead (Suppliers of Hends or Veniards materials)
  • Thread: White UNI-nylon 70 denier or similar
  • Body: 1/3 light tan, 1/3 olive and 1/3 black synthetic dubbing
  • Inner rib: Fine gold wire
  • Outer rib: 4lb nylon leader
  • Shell back: A strip of nymph skin, raffia, latex or other similar material

Tying Instructions:

  1. Apply lead to the shank of the hook in strips or by winding.
  2. Tie in 4 ins of nylon leader.
  3. Tie in fine gold wire.
  4. Cut a narrow strip of material for the shell back and tie it in.
  5. Dub thread with material, using dubbing wax or split thread, to achieve a thin body and wind onto hook.
  6. Wind in gold wire to form ribbing.
  7. Pull shell back over body and tie in just behind the hook eye.
  8. Make body segments by winding in nylon on top of the gold wire under rib.
  9. Tie in and whip finish.
  10. Pick out fibres using velcro.

Fishing Notes:

The Czech nymph can be fished as a single fly, or as part of a team, when it would normally be used as the point fly.

Background Notes:

One of many nymph styles first introduced by European teams for catching trout or grayling using the suspended leader method, which has now become very popular world wide. Free swimming caddis imitation.