Wye Thunder


  • Hook: Partridge double black salmon hook size #6 or 8
  • Thread: 8/0 black uni-thread or equivalent
  • Rib: Medium oval silver
  • Body: Black floss
  • Wing: Black squirrel hair or black bucktail
  • Underwing: Yellow squirrel hair or yellow bucktail
  • Hackle: Orange cock hackle
  • Cheeks: Jungle cock
  • Head: Varnished black thread

Tying Notes

  1. Set up hook in vice.
  2. Tie in the thread with a jam knot and run touching turns down the hook shank.
  3. Tie in oval silver.
  4. Tie in black floss and wrap the floss to from the body, stopping about 4mm from the eye of the hook.
  5. Wind (4 or 5) silver oval tinsel ribbing with an angle of 45 degrees and tie off near to hook eye.
  6. Tie in an orange cock hackle, false beard style.
  7. Cut a small bunch of yellow squirrel hair (or yellow bucktail ) approximately twice the length of hook and tie in as the underwing.
  8. Cut a small bunch of black squirrel hair ( or black bucktail ) approximately twice the length of the hook and tie in the wing.
  9. Start to form a small head from the black thread.
  10. Tie in a jungle cock feather on each side of the head, ensure they are level each side.
  11. Complete the head with the black thread, whip finish and apply three coats of varnish, allow each to dry before applying the next.