• Hook: Down eye wet Kamazan B175 or similar #6 – #16
  • Thread: Brown
  • Tail: Moose main
  • Underbody: Amber Antron
  • Body: Natural deer hair
  • Wing: Deer hair tips
  • Hackle: Brown and grizzle wound together

Tying Instructions

  1. Cover the hook shank with touching turns of thread down to opposite the barb.
  2. Catch in a few fibres of moose main to make a tail, ensuring tips are level.
  3. Cut off a large bunch of deer hair and use a hair-stacker to line up the tips. Tie in loosely and before fixing in firmly check that wing tip comes to the correct position in front of the hook eye. Secure the deer hair.
  4. Dub a pinch of Antron onto the thread and wind in over the deer hair waste ends to form an underbody.
  5. Pull the deer hair over the Antron to form an over body. Tie in to create a wing.
  6. Tie in a brown and a grizzle hackle feather and wind several turns behind the wing to form a dense collar.
  7. Whip finish.

Background Notes
The humpy is a buoyant fly that is designed for fishing fast water. It is a general pattern and doesn’t imitate any specific insect. Can also be used as a sight fly when used with a nymph suspended from the bend of the hook.