2023 Calendar

The beginners course in 2023, comprising a series of 6 lessons, provides an introduction to basic fly tying skills. This year the emphasis will be on everyday river patterns but there is the option to take the Fly Dresser’s Guild Bronze Award if anyone wishes to do this. The first lesson will be on 16th January 2023 and will start at 7:30pm.

Also this year there will be a River Fishing Workshop and a Friendly Stillwater Fishing Competition. Se the table below for provisional dates (to be confirmed closer to the day after an assessment of weather and water conditions).

Monday 16th January 2023
Beginners – Lesson 1
Nymph Patterns
Click here for Pheasant Tail Nymph Tying Notes
Click here for Gold ribbed hare’s ear Tying Notes
Monday 23rd January 2023
Beginners – Lesson 2
Weighted Nymph Patterns
Click here for Tying Notes
Monday 30th January 2023
Beginners – Lesson 3
Czech Nymph Patterns
Click here for Tying Notes
Monday 6th February 2023
Beginners – Lesson 4
Spider Patterns
Click here for Tying Notes
Monday 13th February 2023
No meeting
Monday 20th February 2023
Beginners – Lesson 5
Dry Fly Patterns
Monday 27th February 2023
Beginners – Lesson 6
Klinkhamer Patterns
Click here for Tying Notes
Click here for Video
Monday 20th March 2023In House Demonstration
Sunday 26th March 2023River Fishing Workshop
Monday 17th April 2023Fly tying night
Monday 15th May 2023Guest speaker
Monday 19th June 2023In house demonstration
Monday 17th July 2023Guest Speaker
Sunday 23rd July 2023Friendly Stillwater Competition
Monday 14th August 2023In house demonstration
Monday 18th September 2023Guest speaker
Monday 16th October 2023In house demonstration
Monday 20th November 2023Fly tying night
Monday 18th December 2023AGM, entertainment, sandwiches and pizza.